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Dr. Rosengarten: A Caring, Intuitive, Jungian Psychologist

No matter what kind of mental, emotional, or spiritual-ethical difficulty, Dr. Rosengarten facilitates experiences designed to help restore, maintain, and build upon psychological health.

Dr. Rosengarten is one of only a few psychologists worldwide who successfully implements psychospiritually-based Tarot card readings as a tool to facilitate his patient's personal growth.
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What People Are Saying . . .
“No one reads Tarot cards like Art Rosengarten.”
George Noory
Late Night Host of Coast2Coast AM
“Art Rosengarten offers us an engaging approach to oracle wisdom. His highly original interpretation allows us to explore openness and transcend fixed beliefs, without needing to begin with a problem or look for complex understandings.”
Peter Fenner, Ph.D.
Author And Founder of The Radiant Mind
“By integrating psychology’s rigorous standards with Tarot’s imaginal landscape to create “spectrums of possibility,” Rosengarten lays an impressive groundwork for a twenty-first century working relationship…a turning point for Tarot as well as for psychologists who pioneer the use of this demonstrably valuable resource.”
Mary K. Greer
Author of Tarot For Your Self
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