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My Story
Dr. Art: A Caring, Intuitive, Jungian Psychologist

I provide a crisp, awareness-based, approach to psychological balance, improved relationships, and personal empowerment.

I have always viewed psychotherapy as spiritual work, both for my clients and myself. A kind of alchemy takes place between therapist and client in which both are deepened by the process.

With Tarot, a third element is introduced. I think of it as “natural intelligence.” It comes by way of intuition and symbolic images, and is set in motion by the random selection of the cards, or synchronicity. The results are consistently spellbinding, and highly beneficial psychospiritually. It has been my great passion throughout my long career.
I’d Really Like To Read Your Cards…
Whether or not there is a specific question or area of your life you’d like to delve into more deeply via Tarot, the incomparable deck of possibility, please come and make this fascinating experiment with me!

Readings are always guaranteed to be highly relevant to your life and spiritual awareness, or there is no charge for my services, without question.

As a practicing psychologist and tarot expert for over 40 years, I know the power of Tarot intimately, and would love to share this captivating depth technique with you. It’s really quite amazing!
What People Are Saying . . .
“No one reads Tarot cards like Art Rosengarten.”
George Noory
Late Night Host of Coast2Coast AM
“Art Rosengarten offers us an engaging approach to oracle wisdom. His highly original interpretation allows us to explore openness and transcend fixed beliefs, without needing to begin with a problem or look for complex understandings.”
Peter Fenner, Ph.D.
Author And Founder of The Radiant Mind
“By integrating psychology’s rigorous standards with Tarot’s imaginal landscape to create “spectrums of possibility,” Rosengarten lays an impressive groundwork for a twenty-first century working relationship…a turning point for Tarot as well as for psychologists who pioneer the use of this demonstrably valuable resource.”
Mary K. Greer
Author of Tarot For Your Self
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